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Have you had formal art training?
► Yes. During my studies at Fanshawe College and Georgian College School of Design and Visual Arts, I studied under well known Canadian artists including Tim Zuck, John Hartman, Sandra Meigs, Ted Fullerton, Alek Sorotschynski, Part Hart and Roger Kerslake. I also studyed printmaking under the direction of Master Printer Stu Oxley.

Do you ever teach others how to paint?
► Yes. I have taught a number of people in my area how to paint. Some of my students have continued with this pastime and include Francine Steeves, Maggie Mais, Ann Chedore, Carla Price, Simone Ritter, Henry Hansen, Dixie Lively and Joyce Mulvihill, to name a few.

How many colours are in your painting palette?
► Three. I mix all of my own colours using the three primary colours - red, yellow and blue. For acrylic paintings, I also use white.

How long does it take to paint a line painting?
► My line paintings take a fair bit of time. This can range anywhere from four days for a 12" x 18" watercolour, to four weeks for a 4' x 5' acrylic.

How do you make a line painting?
► I have never made a mistake while painting a line painting. I attribute this to the preparation I take in preparing to do a line painting. First I do a small sketch to work out my colours. This sketch is not a line painting. It is just a "normal" watercolour painting. Then, I draw my image on my larger paper or canvas, in pencil - just the outline. Then I mix my paint colours that I came up with in the sketch. Then everything is prepared to start the line painting. I pick a spot and start painting the line, without ever having it cross itself.

How did you start painting with one single line?
► I came up with the idea to paint in a single line 12 years ago. I woke up one morning with the idea, told my wife about it and she said, "That sounds neat, let's see what it looks like." I took it from there.

Do you ever paint yourself into a corner?
► I have never painted myself into a corner I couldn't get out of. I have gotten better in looking ahead so the flow of the line comes a lot more naturally to me now than it did in the beginning.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
► I have always wanted to be a painter.

What inspires you?
►I am inspired by my surroundings, including people and scenery.

Who is your favorite artist?
► My favourite artists are Vincent van Gogh and Michelangelo Buonarroti. I like van Gogh because he created such incredible work in such a brief lifetime. Seeing his work in real life always has a huge impact on me. Michelangelo I consider to be the greatest artist - ever. He created masterpieces in all media - painting, sculpture, architecture -- there was nothing he couldn't do. As far as contemporary Canadian artists go, I admire Alex Colville a great deal. He is an intellectual and his paintings reflect that.

When were you born?
► I was born June 28, 1969.