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In the News

I've appeared in a variety of media for both my painting and my mountain biking, trail building and mountain bike event planning.

Below is a list of publications/television/radio programs where I have been mentioned or interviewed. Links appear where possible.

►Livia Goodbrand, "From Stream to Sea", The Atlantic Salmon Journal, Autumn 2013

►Rayner, Barb, "Mural Unveiled at ASF's Salmon Interpretive Centre", St. Croix Courier, July 12 2013

►Dupuis-Panther, Ferdinand, "Zu Besuch in St. Andrews", Schwarz Auf Weiss, Jan 2012

►McDowell, Adam, "Exotic New Brunswick: The Medium Trip", The National Post, Nov 25, 2011

►Fasteson, Linda, "Double the Pleasure", The Sun Chronicle, Nov 21, 2011.

►Fasteson, Linda, "St. Andrews by the Sea", Notable Travels, Nov, 2011

►Hempstead, Andrew, "Frommer's Far & Wide: A Weekly Guide to Canada's Best Travel Experiences", p 244, October, 2011.

►Clark, Jayne, "New Brunswick's Fundy Coast is an unfound gem", USA Today, September 2, 2011.

►Goldsmith, Margie, "Biking a Wild Isle in the Bay of Fundy", The Huffington Post, Aug. 8, 2011

►Esrock, Robin, "Exploring the Pass Through Province, The Globe and Mail, Wed. Aug. 10, 2011

►Iosifidis, Kiriakos, "Geoff Slater", Mural Art, Vol. 3: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World from Graffiti to Trompe L'Oeil, Publikat, 2010, p. 210-211

►Goldsmith, Margie, "Bragging Rights", Business Traveler, November, 2010

►Wallace, Janet, "Art off the grid", Saltscapes, Sept/Oct 2010, p. 44-47

►"Upcoming Arts Festival in Bangor", Morning News, WABI TV, August 17, 2010

►Goldsmith, Margie, "Mountain Biking in Kilts", The Huffington Post, July 27, 2010

►Landry, Mike, "Gung-ho for graphite", Telegraph Journal, July 8, 2010, p. S3

►Slater, Stew, "Stirring the Pot", St. Mary’s Journal Argus, April 22, 2009

►"Dedication honours service in Afghanistan", The Post Gazette, July 19, 2008, p. B1

►Saunders, Mary-Ellen, "Artist Creating ‘Time Capsule’", Telegraph Journal, Aug 22, 2007, p. C8

►"Family bonds are strong at Jarea Art Studio", Seaside Times, August 2007

►Diotte, Michael (Producer), "Jarea Art Studio", HandMade, Rogers Television, Nov 2005

►Brown, Chuck, "Young N.B. hockey fan immortalized in mural on the wall of his bedroom", Telegraph Journal, March 1, 2005

►Hempstead, Andrew, "Saint John and the Fundy Coast" Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island for Dummies, John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd., 2004, p. 234

►Van Beek, Susan, "Wall of Fame", Seaside Times, November 23, 2004

►Finnamore, Allison, "St. Andrews water tower a thing of beauty", Maritime Provinces Water and Wastewater Report, July 2004, p. 6

►Adaskaveg, Mike "Plenty in Store" Boston Herald, November 27, 2003

►Rayner, Barb, "Ceremony at new town attraction", St. Croix Courier, July 15, 2003

►Rayner, Barb, "From water tower to work of art", Courier Weekend, May 23, 2003

►Staff Writer, "Former St. Marys resident first ever to create Art Ligne", The St. Marys Journal Argus, July 31, 2002

►Payton, Laura, "Artist says his grandmother was his inspiration", The St. Marys Journal Argus, October 28, 1989

"Cycling in a kilt was the brainchild of local mural artist and trail builder Geoff Slater,
who formed the biking group, Off-Kilter. Slater was inspired by the kilts tradtionally worn by bellman at the
nearby Algonquin Hotel. Those who get fitted out in a kilt and ride are admitted to the official
St. Andrews By-The-Sea Off-Kilter Registry."

~Frommer's Far & Wide: A Weekly Guide to Canada's Best Travel Experiences

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